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Well, it is definitely time to start writing again. Being home-bound, I’ve turned back to my genealogical research and have started a project that I will be writing about in subsequent posts. It is definitely giving me much to write about! And it is my latest discovery that convinced me it is time to do this.

Recently, I’ve made a few posts on FaceBook, prompted by discoveries found along the way. Posts such as “OMG, we’re Norwegian” or “Imagine doing your genealogy and you come across an ancestor who held the position of the Sheriff of Nottinghamshire.” Fortunately the latter was 100 years before Robin Hood’s time! But yesterday’s find eclipses them all.

How about discovering that your 29th great-grandfather was famously murdered in Act II of a play written by none other than Shakespeare? Yep, Duncan I, King of Scotland, is offed by Macbeth in the play of that name. How is that for bringing history up close and personal?

But that is what I love about genealogy. Aside from the obvious satisfaction of discovering one’s roots, it inspires a thirst for knowledge as you walk back through time in the process of tracing your ancestry.

So that is my plan, to write daily about my current research project, sharing interesting discoveries stumbled upon along the way. But also sharing about the methodologies I’m using, shouts-out for the wonderful resources I’m discovering along the way, and perhaps inspiring a reader or two to start discovering their own ancestry. And here we go …

Next installment: The Presidential Project.


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Hello world!

Hello and welcome to my Blog. A great big thank you to Drew Smith, one of The Genealogy Guys, for his presentation to the Indian River Genealogical Society about social networking tools including Facebook and blogging. As Webmaster for the IRGS, I had to try these things out and the results have been truly amazing.

Now, whether I can keep up the feeding of my blog with enough regularity to keep people coming back for a look-see is a whole different story, but I’ll give it a try.

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