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My Tibbetts Ancestry

Jeremiah Tibbetts and Mary Canney are my 8th great-grand parents.  It is through their great-grand daughter Sarah Tibbetts, who married Lemuel Lewis in 1791 that I am descended on my paternal grandmother’s line.  4th GGM Sarah is descended from three of Jeremiah’s sons, Capt. Samuel, Capt. Thomas, and Joseph.  I suppose at a family gathering of Tibbetts descendants, they’d look at me and say “the Tibbetts is strong in that one!”

I am attaching a pedigree chart for Sarah which brings in my Giles, Dam, Tuttle, and Pomphret relationships.  Please note that I added numbers to keep my Mark Giles straight.

Chart: Tibbetts

While I have confidence in the data, my research is not exhaustive and I would welcome any feedback, with sources of course 🙂


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